School of permanent make up

by Inna Fomenko

One of the best schools for teaching permanent makeup in Moscow for beginners and acting masters

New level

Earn above 70 000 rubles in the first month after training


Russian and international certificate of training

Installment plan

We provide interest-free installment 0 — 0 — 6 months

Fast start

Start without investment, Giant Sun 8650 and uniform for master as a gift


We guarantee at least 3 models per day for each student

Support 24/7

You can always get our help and support after the course

Courses & Master Classes

✅ for beginners

☑️ for masters

Master class of PM

✅ ☑️ from 1 day — zones to choose from

Price from 16 000 rubles.

If you want to learn new techniques,
If you have accumulated questions on the creation of permanent makeup, its healing, correction:
— Do shades of pigment go in unwanted colors?
— small residue after healing?
— Is not right pick up the pigment?
— Do you work too traumatic?
— have you a lot of negative reviews?
If the fuse is over and there are doubts in the choice of profession

Master class on laser tattoo removal

✅ ☑️ from 1 day — zone for choosing

The price is 20 000 rubles.

How to choose power?
What is the wavelength to start up?
How to determine the number of procedures?
Is this radiation harmful?
What are the consequences, what is the care?
Blood, scars — how to avoid?
What cases do not work?
Laser or remuver?
Types of lasers, the cost of the market?

Inna Fomenko

The founder of the school Expert PMU
Master of international class
Experience in PM over 11 years
Higher medical education
More than 900 masters trained
Teachers are the current champions of Russia in permanent makeup of eyebrows and lips in category “profi”


?? ??

First place in Russia 2018 in the category » Pro eyebrows»

The third place in Russia in 2018 in the category of «Profi lips»

More than 7 000 procedures

Been in permanent makeup for more than 7 years



The second place in Russian Championship 2018 «Profi lips»
The fifth place in Russian Championship 2018 «Profi eyebrows»
More than 6 000 procedures
Experience in permanent makeup over 5 years

How is training

Two-level loft

In a spacious, bright and well-equipped office that meets all international standards of learning permanent makeup

Mini groups

The practical part in group of 3 people. This approach allows the teacher to devote enough time to each student.

Expendable material

During the training you will be provided with all the necessary supplies and tools that you will need to work


I very seriously approached this issue and, as always, chose to make your course the best school @permanent_inna! For this I went to Moscow. I learned from the best masters of Moscow on permanent make-up and I can say with confidence that I got a strong base. My three years of experience in the field of makeup and eyebrows will certainly help me in my endeavors. Training and organization at the highest level. I am glad that I chose this school and mastered a new profession. This is a new peak in my growth! I am also grateful to my beloved husband @server.bil.1980 for what he always supports and believes in me, and went with me! ?❤


How long Have you been going to your goal? ?

To her I was about 3 years ? There was a lot of «for» and «against», «I can or not», «whether it is worth such costs and time» and so on. And I want to advise people like me :» do not pull the time-it is the most valuable thing in our life-like, want to do this business ? start doing it now: make a plan of Your actions to achieve the goal and GO ahead!»In my choice and choice of the best school to teach permanent makeup @expert_pmu I do not regret ? It’s started!! ?


The best!!!! I am convinced of it every day! I am proud to have studied with you! Met at MK with other artists with three years or more experience… you Know? what you gave in the basic course have more knowledge knowledge, what some have learned over multiple visits to various MK. Thank you @Expert_pmu_school Julia, Zhenya, Natasha — you are truly the BEST!!! ? Soon arrive at enhancing ❤️

Israel, @pmu_sunshine

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